Language is the history of the people. Language is the path of civilization and culture.

Therefore, studying and saving the Russian language is not an idle occupation from nothing to do, but an urgent necessity.

A.I. Kuprin (1870-1938)

For many years, the Russian Language Society has been helping general education centers, schools of the Russian language and literature located in all corners of the world. Thanks to its mobile structure and popular diplomacy, the Society supports and develops programs for the study of the Russian language and the development of intercultural dialogue among Russians and compatriots abroad.

The capital of the Russian Federation, the city of Moscow is actively involved in the implementation of the state policy of the Russian Federation to support compatriots abroad. This activity is one of the priority areas of work of the capital of the capital and is conducted on the basis of the law “On the support of compatriots abroad by the state authorities of the city of Moscow”, adopted in September 2009. Moscow is the only subject of the federation that cooperates with compatriots on a target legislative basis.

In recent years, many Russian centers have received the necessary teaching and methodological, technical, financial and other material support.

In 2022, with our forces with the support of the Embassies of the Russian Federation abroad, representative offices of Rossotrudnichestvo, not indifferent public organizations of Russia and abroad, organizations of compatriots living abroad, a large number of educational, information and reference benefits, multimedia equipment and other necessary materials for Russian centers will be delivered. engaged in the popularization of Russian language and culture as important elements of world civilization.

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