Motorcycle and automobile rally “Russian Battlefield’s”  is organised by Russian Federation of Mototourism to the rules of these Regulations.


August 22 – August 30, 2020


The organisation of motorcycle and automobile rally “Russian Battlefield’s”:

  • Name: Russian Federation of Mototourism
  • Address: 123423, Russia, Moscow, Nizhnije Mnevniki, 110
  • Tel: +7 985 684 09 23
  • e-mail:
  • web site:
  • Director of Rally: Evgeny Strogov
  • Coordinator of Rally: Natalia Baratova
  • Press Center: Anna Komarova

Chairman RFM: Evgeny Strogov


  • The route “Russian Battlefield’s” will pass through the military-historical places and objects of cultural heritage of Russia, located in the city of Moscow; Moscow, Kaluga, Oryol, Kursk, Belgorod, Tula, Voronezh, Lipetsk and Ryazan regions.
  • The total length of the route is 2,300 kilometers. Time on the road is 9 days.
  • Detailed route: ROUTE


Accommodation of participants of the event in places of overnight stops is carried out by collective booking of rooms in hotels, motels, pilgrimage centers in the cities: Moscow, Mozhaisk, Kozelsk, Svoboda, Belgorod, Liski, Monastyrshchino, Kolomna.

Room reservations are made by event organizers on the basis of completed application forms.


Meals for participants include daily breakfast and lunch. Dinner and extra meals are paid for on their own.

The organization of meals is carried out by the organizers of the event on the basis of completed application forms.


The tour program  “Russian Battlefield’sincludes visiting all the cultural heritage sites indicated in the route with the involvement of professional guides and historians.

The organization of the excursion program is carried out by the organizers of the event on the basis of completed application forms. The excursion program includes visits to cultural and historical sites:

  • Museum-panorama “Battle of Borodino”
  • Church of St. George the Victorious on Poklonnaya Gora
  • Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora
  • Victory Museum
  • The Frontier of Glory
  • Military History Museum in Snegiry
  • Museum-Reserve “Borodino Field”
  • Spaso-Borodinsky Monastery
  • Museum of Military Glory in Mozhaisk
  • Museum-diorama “Great standing on the Ugra River”
  • Monument to the Great Standing on the Ugra
  • Vvedenskaya Optina Pustyn Monastery
  • Historical and Memorial Museum “Command Post of the Central Front”
  • Blimp of Marshal Rokossovsky at the Kursk Battle
  • Historical and Cultural Center “Korennaya Pustyn”
  • Monastery Kurskaya Korennaya Pustyn
  • Museum-Reserve “Prokhorovskoye Field”
  • Belfry on Prokhorovskjye Field
  • Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Prokhorovka
  • Museum “Third Military Field of Russia”
  • Memorial Museum of the First Cavalry Army in Velikomikhailovka
  • Holy Trinity Kholkovsky (cave) monastery
  • Kostomarovsky Spassky (cave) convent
  • Museum-reserve “Kulikovo Field”
  • Church of St.Sergy Radonezhsky on Kulikovo Field
  • Red Hill Memorial
  • Memorial of the Battle on the Vozhe River
  • Maiden Field in Kolomna
  • Kolomna Cathedral Square
  • Cathedral of the Assumption
  • Cultural and historical complex “Kolomna Kremlin”
  • Monument to Dmitry Donskoy


Anyone can join the route “Russian Battlefield’s” by motorcycle or car. To participate in the event, you must complete the application for participation by contacting the APPLICATION section. “Russian Battlefield’s” project provides financial support to 20 participants in the event in the form of compensation for part of the costs of accommodation, food and excursion program. Additional participation in the project of organizations and individuals is paid independently.


“Russian Battlefield’s” is not a commercial event and takes place on the basis of a voluntary contribution, which includes only the cost part of participation, taking into account the financial savings provided by partners and friends of our programs.

The Entry Fee is 300 € (in RUR, at the Central Bank of Russia rate on the date of payment). Distance and time: 2,300 km * 9 days

The Entry Fee consists of:

  • Accommodation – 130 €.
  • Meals (breakfast and lunch) – 95 €.
  • Excursion escort on the route – 55 €.
  • Transportation services (escort car, tow truck) – 20 €.

The deadline for the payment is August, 10th 2020. The payment shall be transferred in full to the account of the organization with the statement “Entry fee of the participant” and obligatory notification about the payment to the address:  

  • Account holder: International Public Organization “Federation of Mototourism”
  • Legal address: 105187, Moscow region, Khimki, 24 Kirova street.
  • OGRN: 1135000002301; INN 50479985771; KPP 504701001
  • Name of the bank: Sberbank
  • Address: 123060, Russia, Moscow, ul.Raspletina, d.10, korp.1
  • Account No:  40703978738000000061

Approximate cost of fuel on the route (refuelling independently):

  • 110  € / 2 300 km – 1 motorcycle
  • 130  € /2 300 км – 1 automobile


It is possible to rent a BMW 650, 800, 1200 GS and Ural Gear Up motorcycle. RENTAL LIST. Discounts are provided for event participants. Motorcycles are leased by the company ENJOY MOTO


The headquarter of the Organizing Committee for registration of participants of the event works online around the clock.


Address: Russia, 123423, Moscow, Nizhnye Mnevniki St., 110. Moscow Bike Center

Phone: +7 985 684 09 23 , +7 926 119 14 23 viber, whatsapp